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“Being able to answer a phone and share the experience of talking and praying with someone from the outback… joining together in strength and faith knowing distance has no bounds.” Careline Team Member, Testimony

“Although you do it primarily to help and reach out to others, you find yourself growing as a person too. It reinforces my faith every time I am on it. It is such an honour and privilege to serve the Lord in this way, and really see the growth in those who ring The Careline Team” Careline Team Member, Testimony

“I’ve been on the Careline Team for about 5 months and I am so passionate about the opportunity we have to be able to pray for those in need of answers on the phone. I will be eternally grateful to God for allowing me to be part of such an awesome Team.” Careline Team Member, Testimony

“It’s amazing how God finds just the right people to talk to us, the ones who we can have the most impact on! Through His Grace. I would say I have become more confident and bold since being part of The Careline Team. You certainly get more out of this than you put in.” Careline Team Member, Testimony

“I love how God uses each and every one of us to speak into our callers/chatters lives. When we dedicate our time on The Careline Team to him then all you need to do is sit back and watch how he uses us to transform lives.” Careline Team Member, Testimony